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A Big Life

My daughters asked what I wanted for my August birthday. I’m sometimes hard to buy for as I don’t want anything. Not because I’m trying to be difficult, or worse, noble, but stuff has little value anymore. My apartment is small, space is limited and I’m a minimalist when it comes to décor. I don’t have a single carpet on the wood floors. Bare looks better. I don’t want nor need anything tangible. It (the gift) should not clutter my life and must be useful in a some way. Last Christmas I asked for a Clarisonic--the basic one without multiple attachments that would surely end up scattered around my bathroom cabinet. Dual purpose--check: takes up little space and I pretend I look ten … [Read More...]

At Last: Part Three

Will talked often about future plans in a way that I’d normally find presumptuous, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Instead his desire to be included in my inner circle was comforting. He was sticking around. He said he looked forward to meeting my daughters and mentioned that he’d told his entire family and friends about me. He wanted to meet my friends, too. Those around me had normal concerns. “Take it slow, no need to rush,” said Karen, my surrogate mom. “How do you … [Read More...]

At Last: Part Two


Once finished with class I checked my phone and faced the truth. I would never hear from Will again. I deleted my profile and headed to Trader Joe’s for groceries.  On the walk I got a call… It was Will but you already knew that, right? He apologized for not getting back to me after he processed the information, as he was away on business and very busy. It was strange to finally hear his voice. Sure, we had numerous text conversations but this was intimate, serious and real--two … [Read More...]

At Last


I’ve never told a dating story like this one. It’s not about a disastrous but hilarious encounter, nor is it a tale of another “really great guy” who had everything I was looking for except that indefinable chemistry. Buckle up, my friends, because this is a love story. After a year of online dating all of you know I was spent. Just the thought of my profile on a dating website made me nauseous as I was certain the process wasn’t for me. BUT, there is something about time and distance that … [Read More...]