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The Exception: A Good First Date

“You’re not going to write about this date, are you?” This is the sentence I hear on almost every first date and as Joan Didion said, “Writers are always selling somebody out.” I was asked that question on my first date with RJ on Sunday night. We matched on Tinder and exchanged a few texts. RJ was visiting NYC on business BUT was looking to rent an apartment. He was in the city about one week a month. RJ was handsome and complimentary in his messages. Although a part time dating situation was not ideal, I figured I’d deal with that if we hit it off. I mean, come on, it’s not like I’ve knocked it out of the park with locals, right? RJ was having a late dinner with his adult son (who lives … [Read More...]



Yesterday I was waiting to checkout at the Trader Joe’s in my neighborhood. It’s the busiest in the country so the line winds around the store. Instead of my favorite pastime of playing Tetris while waiting, I engaged in my second favorite—judging others and the food they’re purchasing. Come on, you know you do it too. I observed the bratty kids and thought, you’re lucky I’m not your mother—or, ugh, grandmother. I perused the cart of a svelte woman and surmised that I too could be a rail if … [Read More...]

Just Beachy


I'm getting ready for my annual beach vacation. I've been rather quiet on the blog as I work on two big projects but I did want to reach out and wish all of you a FABULOUS summer filled with lots of everything you desire, including rockin' sex. Come on, most of us want that, right? Send those wishes back to me. It's been a cruel, cruel summer, thus far. Jeez, what's a girl gotta do for a little action? On the other hand, I have a lot of nerve lamenting my lust-less condition. I'm not doing a … [Read More...]



A few days ago my friend Tracy and I were talking on the phone and I realized she worked with a guy I’d had my first online date with--waaaaay back in 2001. I was in between relationships and I thought I’d give it a whirl. The site I used was Secretively, of course, and I wasn’t on for long. My profile didn’t include photos and gave no hint as to my occupation. Heck, I wouldn’t even give my name when corresponding. I was deep undercover. Skulking around like a criminal. I didn’t … [Read More...]