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No Age In Love

The following essay was a Modern Love submission that was rejected. I heard the editor was looking for more humor pieces so I gave it a shot. I didn't do anything with it for about a year and then entered it in Solas awards for Best Travel Writing. It just received an honorable mention. I thought you might enjoy reading it and I've added some photos.   No Age In Love The first time a new widow has sex will probably be memorable. When it’s in Milan with a beautiful waiter, sixteen years her junior, it is indelible. My friend Jeanne and I boarded the plane in Philly and would spend three weeks traveling the boot from top to bottom. Neal, my husband, was supposed to be my companion. He … [Read More...]

Fatal Attraction-ish?


There are certain things a woman who’s digital dating never wants to be labeled: desperate, needy, but worst of all: CRAZY. I recently managed to earn all three. That’s right. I am officially the Holy Trinity of the chick every man wants to avoid. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Melani, say it isn’t so!” and I would love to write JK. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. BUT, I can qualify this new standing with a logical explanation. At least that’s what I’ve decided now that I’ve … [Read More...]

Holiday Greetings From the Hot Mess, Er, Men of Tinder


‘Tis the season and all that but sometimes there’s not enough Christmas cheer to prevent a single woman from reaching a level of frustration that cannot be cured with a Santa sugar cookie or the work of art that is Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday window displays. There’s only so many times one can swipe left (brimming with seasonal joy) and hope that the next guy, the next photo, will be the one. Now I don’t mean THE ONE, the one. I mean: the dude who just seems normal. Do the holidays bring out … [Read More...]


Iridium use this one

I will not try to explain the serendipitous nature of life because, well, that would make me either one of those lunatics ranting on a street corner or maybe a Jesus follower. Since I'm not religious nor crazy, I'm not even an honorary member of either club. BUT, there is a synchronicity to the Universe that never fails to fill me with wonder and I had one of those “holy shit”  (pun intended) experiences recently. About a month ago I was walking on 11th Avenue from my Upper West Side apartment … [Read More...]