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Holiday Greetings From the Hot Mess, Er, Men of Twitter

‘Tis the season and all that but sometimes there’s not enough Christmas cheer to prevent a single woman from reaching a level of frustration that cannot be cured with a Santa sugar cookie or the work of art that is Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday window displays. There’s only so many times one can swipe left (brimming with seasonal joy) and hope that the next guy, the next photo, will be the one. Now I don’t mean THE ONE, the one. I mean: the dude who just seems normal. Do the holidays bring out the crazy in all the digital daters? OR, do normal singles give it a rest during this time of year? Hide their profile, take some time off from the dating ruckus to relax a bit with family, friends and … [Read More...]


Iridium use this one

I will not try to explain the serendipitous nature of life because, well, that would make me either one of those lunatics ranting on a street corner or maybe a Jesus follower. Since I'm not religious nor crazy, I'm not even an honorary member of either club. BUT, there is a synchronicity to the Universe that never fails to fill me with wonder and I had one of those “holy shit”  (pun intended) experiences recently. About a month ago I was walking on 11th Avenue from my Upper West Side apartment … [Read More...]

Technology To Cultivate Eroticism

The Huffington Post has a new section, "Digital Connections" in partnership with Paramount Pictures and the release, Men, Women & Children.  I wrote about how we can use technology to enhance our sex lives. Click here to read,  but only if you're freaky.   … [Read More...]

A Big Life


My daughters asked what I wanted for my August birthday. I’m sometimes hard to buy for as I don’t want anything. Not because I’m trying to be difficult, or worse, noble, but stuff has little value anymore. My apartment is small, space is limited and I’m a minimalist when it comes to décor. I don’t have a single carpet on the wood floors. Bare looks better. I don’t want nor need anything tangible. It (the gift) should not clutter my life and must be useful in a some way. Last Christmas I … [Read More...]